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The second module of the "Web-mastering" charity course, organized as part of the InvoltaGO charity project, has ended.

Children from low-income families got a real opportunity to get to know the IT industry better and master the basic skills of the dream profession. In eight lessons, the guys thoroughly studied HTML to create frames of pages, learned all the main CSS points for design and styling, developed their first small application – calculator, and made their first web pages.

Using the knowledge gained, the guys can now apply it in practice, independently creating and brightening their own websites. The entirely free three-month "Web Mastering" course will provide an excellent base for their future career progress.

It is essential for us that the guys feel comfortable and safe. Therefore, we have created a healthy environment for learners. Classes are based on the company in a modern classroom equipped with multimedia equipment.


To practice skills, the children are supplied with personal laptops with the installed software.

Our primary mission is to make IT education accessible to families with children who are in a difficult financial situation. Learning with involta is cool! We help to turn the dream of your own project into reality! Девушка Девушка

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