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"Age is no disqualification!" older generation and the Internet.


It is impossible to imagine a modern person's life without working on a computer. Older adults do not want to lag behind their children and grandchildren in this regard, wishing to be in touch with them – by e-mail, Skype, or social networks.

On May 15, one of the Involta company's social projects named "Computer for all generations" was launched in the Ivanovo region, a part of which free computer literacy lessons for senior citizens were organized.

The project is relevant in solving problems of social adaptation of older people to the modern IT environment. The project's main objective is to allow older people to communicate via the Internet with their loved ones living in other cities and use the information they are interested in.

Over 100 participants will master modern communications during the course and learn how to use government and banking services. This is especially important in the current epidemiological situation.

In the first lesson, the participants repeated the basics of working with a browser, learned how to create accounts on the websites of leading search services, and use e-mail.

Lectures are held in a modern, equipped computer class. Involta provides every participant with all they need, including a personal computer.

Age is no disqualification to learning in IT!


Our goal is to help such active people quickly master the computer, gain new knowledge.

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