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Helping others is easy

InvoltaGo is a modern search engine developed by Involta specialists. The engine was created to provide help to those in need from all over the world. Charity is a significant step to a brighter future for mankind; that is why all the funds raised from the company advertisers will be used to support those in need.


How it works


You use InvoltaGo to do an Internet search.


Advertisers pay every time you use our search engine.


We use the funds raised to help those in need worldwide.


We help those in need worldwide

Charity is a step to the happiness of everyone who participates in the process. We have found a way to allow everyone to help those in need for free. Every search query is important! Make free charity real together with InvoltaGo.


Why charity is important

Everyone can do charity work, but it is complicated to help everyone alone. That is why charitable foundations are created all over the world to raise funds. InvoltaGo is no exception. We help those who really need it. It can be hard for families experiencing financial difficulties to get a quality education and fulfill themselves. Together we can create a world where everyone will get a chance for a decent life. The InvoltaGo search engine is designed for those who want to participate in charity but cannot for some reason. Now everyone can help those in need for free.


We understand that trust needs to be earned

All the company’s actions are completely transparent. Anyone can check a report on the work carried out right on the InvoltaGo website. In addition to financial papers, the platform also publishes video materials that would let you clearly see how and where your clicks go.


We do not cache your search history

We do not create your personal profiles according to your search history. In fact, we classify all the search queries.


Involta is not responsible for website content with search results. To learn more, read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

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