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The "Web-mastering" course is over!

The educational course within the framework of the InvoltaGo charity project has come to an end. Here is the summary.


The course aimed to teach children from low-income families the basics of programming.

The study was completely free of charge; the Involta company took care of all organizational and financial issues.

Over the past three months, the children studied the HTML and CSS markup languages, analyzed all aspects of website development in JavaScript. As a result, the guys learned to independently develop their own web pages and browser versions of games, presenting their work at the concluding lesson.

Furthermore, at the official part after the presentation of the works, the guys received gifts and certificates from the company, confirming the successful completion of the educational course.

The company's main task in implementing charitable projects is to increase interest in the IT field among people far from it, to teach children from low-income families the knowledge necessary in the modern world, inaccessible without our participation. With our help, it will become much easier to grow in this area, and knowledge will be more available. image

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