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Involta has implemented an art object in the skate park!

Calligraffiti by ODINTRI turned the Ivanovo Skatepark into an art object.


The government of the Ivanovo region carried out the construction of the sports facility in Ivanovo, and Involta cooperated with the style creation.

The founder of the company, Alex Kontsov, invited a famous street artist ODINTRI, known for such works as the mural of a five-story building in Derbent and the creation of large-scale graffiti in Veliky Novgorod.

The master created a unique sketch for the skatepark in Ivanovo: a line from his favorite poem by Sergei Yesenin, written in a particular style, was applied to the site. The graffiti is located in the main pool.

"The project will become a certain bridge between the administration and the youth. This will help many beginners and intermediate riders to improve their skateboarding skills. It's cool that such a skatepark was built in Ivanovo," says ODINTRI.

The painting of the skate park was completed in a few days, and representatives of five sports disciplines were eagerly awaiting its opening: BMX and MTB cycling, scooter sports, skateboarding, and roller sports.

Ivanovo athletes are preparing to hold competitions here, receive teams from other cities, and later worldwide.


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